While your home is on the market make sure it is clean and neat. Wash dishes, sweep floors and make the beds. Your home needs to be in spotless condition at all times. It may seem silly, but always close the lid on your toilet and put all toothbrushes and other personal items out of sight.

Real estate agents will call ahead of time before showing your home. They will try to be considerate and give you at lease an hour’s notice. However, Sometimes plans change. So, the best approach is to have your home in showing condition during normal showing hours. If you need to limit the hours available for showing the home, we can do that.

Remember, we only need a single buyer, so think of each time someone visits your home as your one-and-only opportunity to make a good first impression. Keep all of the beds made, keep dishes washed and the kitchen clean. Toys should be picked up. Keep toilet seats down.

Before you leave your house, even if it is just for a few minutes, make the house spotless. That way, you are always prepared. People will notice fresh vacuum marks and freshly mopped floors. These little things can make a big first impression. They tell the potential buyer that your home is well cared for. If there is one thing you can do to help sell your home, it’s this.

Last, but not lease, keep the air conditioning running on a lower temperature setting in the summer time. A cool house feels great on a hot summer day!