Most people who are selling their home in the Spring need to give their home some TLC before they list. January and throughout the Winter is the perfect time to do some of these projects! Here is my list of some of the “must-dos”.

1. De-Clutter – I cannot stop stressing how important it is to have a clean, open home when you are trying to sell it. During these cold months go through your belongings and decide what to sell in a garage sale or donate.

2. Paint Walls & Baseboards – Its inexpensive and easy. Giving a fresh coat of paint to your walls is a great way to make your home more inviting. Remember, neutral colors are key!

3. Replace Flooring – Now is the time to replace those broken and cracked tiles or refinished the scratched up hardwood.

4. Matching Appliances – Appliances can be expensive, but it is important to have matching appliances in your kitchen. If you can’t upgrade to stainless steel, make sure they match and are running well.

5. Fix Broken Items – If you have any broken appliances or windows or anything else for that matter its time to fix them. Chances are when you sell your home the buyer will ask for it to be done before the sale. So why not knock it out early!

6. Spa-Like Bathroom – Buyer’s want to feel like they can relax in your bathroom. So paint it a neutral color and deep clean those tiles. Some bright white towels will give your bathroom that clean, sparkling feeling too!

7. Curb Appeal – Spring is around the corner and we have a few warmer days that you can go and prune your flower beds. Start planning to power wash your house and clean up those leaves.